Yes, we do need donations. To be honest, money is our biggest need. It costs approximately $900.00 a night to open our doors when you just consider staff and rent costs. The incidentals necessary to serve our guests include items such as soup, 55 gallon garbage bags, spray cleaner, paper towels, toilet paper, to name just a few. These items quickly add up to significant dollars.

One of the biggest requests from our guests is bus tickets. Nearly all our guests depend on public transportation to move around which includes getting to medical appointments and other necessities of life. More than a few have physical problems that really make walking difficult and many carry a variety of possessions from place to place. We can purchase single ride tickets for $2.25 or an all day pass for $5.00. A little can go a long way (pun intended!).

We will always take cash. Checks can be made payable to The Metanoia Project and mailed to P.O. Box 93453, Cleveland, Ohio 44101.

You can also donate to us via Network for Good by clicking here.

Cash, checks, supplies, clothing and other goods can dropped off at the shelter with Tim, Carl or Rob. Additionally, our user-friendly website ( offers a convenient opportunity to donate on-line.

See below how you can make a difference!

An all day bus ticket to get someone to medical care or a job: $5.00
Laundry detergent to ensure that each guest has a clean warm blanket $5.00
Coffee and other beverages for our guests: $20.00

Shelter one homeless person for one night: $50.00

Purchase a sleeping mat: $60.00

Rent for one night: $100.00

Sponsor one emergency night: $500.00

And our list of needs goes on and on….

Metanoia Project Inc

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  1. I don’t like sending donation to a P.O. Box. Is there an actual address I can drop the item off?

  2. Hi Brenda,
    We are starting a summer program soon. We will post the address for it once it begins and you can stop by with a donation and to visit. Keep checking back for the update, and thanks for asking!

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