You can donate to us via Network for Good by clicking here.

Checks can be made payable to The Metanoia Project and mailed to P.O. Box 93453, Cleveland, Ohio 44101. We will always take cash.

Cash, checks, supplies, clothing and other goods can dropped off during our regular hours at the Metanoia office with Megan Bonem, Norm Bringman, Carl Cook or Elena Griffin.  Our office is on the 2nd floor of the Saint Malachi school building. The address is: 2459 Washington Ave, Cleveland OH 44113.

It costs approximately $900.00 a night to open our doors when you just consider staff and rent costs, therefore money is our greatest need. However we gratefully accept clothing and supply donations.

Wish List:

Bus Tickets!!!

Supplies – 55 gallon garbage bags, spray cleaner, paper towels, toilet paper, decaff and regular coffee, dry creamer, sugar, kitchen rags, dish soap, laundry detergent.

Sundry Items: Sleeping bags, towels, small bottled: shampoo, soap, foot powder, deodorant, miniature bars of soap, hand/foot warmers, women’s monthly pads, wash cloths, tote bags/backpacks.

Most Desired Clothing items: New underwear (M & W SM-6x), Bra’s (all sizes) socks (white preferred),Thermals (tops & bottoms SM-6x),  winter hats, warm gloves, scarves, long sleeved shirts/sweaters, blue jeans, sweat pants and shirts, belts, coats & hoodies, boots and shoes (all sizes). All clothing must be laundered, but all underwear must be new.

Your donations do make a difference!

An all day bus ticket to get someone to medical care or a job: $5.00
Laundry detergent to ensure that each guest has a clean warm blanket $5.00
Coffee and other beverages for our guests: $20.00

Shelter one homeless person for one night: $50.00

Purchase a sleeping mat: $60.00

Rent for one night: $100.00

Sponsor one emergency night: $500.00

And our list of needs goes on and on….

Metanoia Project Inc

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  1. I don’t like sending donation to a P.O. Box. Is there an actual address I can drop the item off?

  2. Hi Brenda,

    Absolutely! We are located at 2459 Washington Ave, Cleveland OH 44113 in the Saint Malachi School building. We will accept any donations there in person. We are only there after 6:30 pm Friday-Sunday if the temperature is above 20F. We are happy to arrange another meeting spot with you via email at Thank you for the inquiry, apologies for the delayed response, our website has been under construction.

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Metanoia Project is a program designed to provide food, clothing, shelter, showers and resources to homeless men and women