We won’t pass you by.

Metanoia Project provides resources, connections, and opportunities for growth and change to men and women without homes in Cleveland.


Our mission:

The Metanoia Project is comprised of people who form authentic relationships with men and women who are unsheltered by responding personally and creatively to gaps in the social service structure.


The Satellite Center

The Satellite Center not only offers housing and supplies but also helps guests be a better person than when they first walked into the door.

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Overnight Hospitality Center

Our Overnight Hospitality Center serves guests meals, provides showers and clothing, and addresses our guests’ physical and mental health needs. 

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Huddle Summer Program

Our Huddle Summer Program emphasizes physical wellness and introduces many to healthy lifestyle options including yoga, art therapy, juicing, and gardening.

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Street Outreach Program

Our Street Outreach Program, which functions throughout the entire year, allows us to form vital relationships with the homeless population that is shelter-resistant.

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Every night we are open, we are blessed with volunteers from a variety of churches and faith based groups who prepare and provide a meal for our guests.

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